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Have you considered offering social login functionality to your website visitors?

Social login, aka ‘social sign-in’, is an adapted form of single sign-on that uses existing login information from a social networking platform (like Google+, Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, etc.) to sign into a third party website.  This feature is generally offered to website visitors as an item of convenience, since it bypasses the need to create another unique account to facilitate login activities specific for the site.  For the business, offering social login to website visitors provides many benefits as well.  For example, providing the convenience of social login to first-time visitors has proven to create more conversions (new accounts), connect more closely with audiences, and capture additional information beyond the traditional user account and password creation process.

Janrain, the Portland, Oregon-based social login business pioneer and social-login-as-a-service trailblazer since 2008, recently published an excellent report detailing Q4, 2014, as well as cumulative social login user statistics (collected since late 2009) revealing many interesting discoveries and continuing trends.  Data has shown that social login is absolutely understood by consumers, and is becoming a preference for many.

The janrain report, 2014 Consumer Research: Social Login and Personalization, shows that 90% of the polled audience indicate they have seen social login as a feature for a website they’ve visited, and of this 90% more than half of those people use it.  Additionally, 43% chose Facebook (-3% from Q3) and 40% chose Google+ (+6% from Q3) as their preferred social login platform.  To read more about these social login trends, please review the full janrain blog article, here.

At MJGuilfoyle, we believe in the power of convenience and the future of social login functionality for websites and apps of all types.  At the highest level, the debate is very simple – ask yourself how much you enjoy (or dislike) creating unique accounts required for a particular website or app, and how much of a pleasure (or pain) it is to manage that item.

Additionally, with the business value of social media becoming easier to understand and prove than ever before, we know it is imperative to connect with customers through these channels.

By offering visitors the opportunity to interact with digital products using these established social media accounts (that they’ve grown quite fond of, mind you),  goals are accomplished for both the customer and the enterprise, making this a win-win opportunity, and sound rationale for a technology investment to build social login functionality into the front-end of your company website.

We’d love to hear your thoughts – what do you think?



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