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It is our pleasure to announce the re-branding and WordPress website redesign of Rex Plastics, Inc.  This project involved the redesign of the Rex Plastics corporate logo and company website within a strategically engineered WordPress environment.  It was a blast for our entire team, and working in close collaboration with our client was a truly enjoyable experience.  It’s easy to see how Rex Plastics has maintained a 98% customer retention rate over the past decade.


After 40 years, it’s no secret these guys know what they’re doing.  When it comes to custom plastic injection molding, Rex Plastics is the best in the Pacific Northwest.  The enterprise is progressive, built on driving innovation with clients, but the website technology, design, and messaging had fallen out of date.

When websites and the online presence of an enterprise falls out of date, this is known to damage brand credibility in cyberspace, especially with first-time website visitors.  It’s difficult enough to help folks find your site, and making a poor first impression seriously impairs future business development efforts as these jaded online ‘searches’ will actively avoid brands who leave a bad taste in their mouths.

For these reasons as well as others, MJGuilfoyle was commissioned to redesign the corporate identity and online presence of Rex Plastics in ways that showcase the organization as the highly capable, professional, family and community-oriented market leader it is.  And we couldn’t be happier with the results.

Creating a Brand Experience


previous logo


previous website

Rex came to us with an identity problem – they worried the brand may appear retro to potential new clients, when in actuality the organization is extremely progressive in nature.  This was because the 3D block lettering of the logo (shown on the left), and the corresponding, dated styling and technology platform comprising the company website were creating an undesired brand ‘experience’ for a first-time client.  First order of business; refresh the Rex Plastics brand identity to create a mark that suggests a certain connection with technology, a progressiveness.  We needed to create a brand experience worthy of a market leader who has been around for 40+ years.

new logo, full

We created the new mark (shown to the right) in an effort to capture the true personality of the Rex Plastics brand, drawing inspiration from past, present and future.  We’ve also paid homage to the original crown element, since Rex means ‘king’ in Latin.


new logo, symbol only

As an additional layer to our logo refresh strategy, this new mark offers the ability to be used in alternate formats as an easily identifiable, stand-alone symbol.  In the digital world, this symbol is very touch-friendly; it could easily become a button.  For print, business and marketing collateral, the styling opportunities are limitless.

Now, because of the inclusion of this highly visible symbol element within the logo, the name ‘Rex Plastics’ is not the only item synonymous with high-quality, US-based, custom plastic injection molding and mold-making.  The circled, crowned ‘R’ symbol, shown to the left, will leave a stronger impression than words alone, collecting mass and gravity over time.  To complete the updated brand experience, the refreshed corporate identity needs to be paired with a strategically engineered WordPress website, aligned to support business goals.

WordPress Website Development

wordpress-icon-largeAs the foundation for Rex Plastics online presence enhancements, a world-class website was required to serve as the bedrock from which to launch additional, supportive Internet strategies.  While the previous site contained deep pockets of useful information, it was difficult to discover and digest, especially when viewed from mobile devices.  Copy had also fallen out-of-date because our client was previously unable to make simple content updates within the aging framework.  Additionally, search engine optimization (SEO) and website traffic gained by organic search was very important to our client, and recent website traffic statistics were showing decline.  Creating a more user-friendly, Google search-friendly website was a must if Rex Plastics hoped to harness the Internet in ways that help the business, as opposed to damaging it.

I could not be more satisfied with my experience with Mathew and MJGuilfoyle. His vision for our new website was spot on and he consistently incorporated that vision throughout the entire project. He and his team were not afraid to voice their opinion to me even when they disagreed, and had creative solutions to every obstacle that came up. I would highly recommend Mathew for your online presence enhancement. -Rich Clark | President, Rex Plastics, Inc.

Our solution was created in close collaboration with our client, described below:

  • WordPress CMS
    • Because WordPress is extremely user-friendly, Rex Plastics is able to allow non-technical business staff the ability to make site content changes within the custom design we created.
    • Learn more about the many different types of value delivered by the WordPress content management system, here.
  • Mobile-First, Responsive Design
    • Because the mobile audience is important for so many reasons, we prioritized the mobile user experience when designing the site.  If it didn’t work for mobile, it didn’t make it in the final design.
    • A responsive design framework not only helps to provide a better mobile user experience, it ensures the website is positioned to comply with Google’s Mobile Friendly Update.
  • Full-screen Video
    • While mobile considerations are definitely important, because the large majority of Rex Plastics’ ideal customer base are business users who likely spend a large amount of time using full-size displays, we leveraged full-screen video to create an immersive, authentic online experience to create an undeniable, lasting impression with website visitors.
    • When visitors arrive at rexplastics.com, the site doesn’t force them to squint and begin reading.  Instead, visitors immediately ‘experience’ the brand, witnessing the moving pieces of the production floor in time lapse video, the collage of equipment, in-action, making parts.  We literally give first-time site visitors a seat in the rafters of the company facility, watching the team work before considering engagement for potential business.
    • The use of original, authentic video and imagery helped us feature Rex Plastics as they truly are, and expressed a desire to be seen as; real people who work hard and care about what they do.
  • Visitor Self-Segmentation
    • Websites should first and foremost be a joy to use.  By speaking directly to the ideal customers of the brand, we empower visitors to choose a highly visible path within the website, speeding access to information in a simple fashion while connecting with a diverse audience.
  • Effective Storytelling
    • The challenge of featuring strong, concise messages within a mountain of content is not unique to Rex Plastics; many websites active today struggle with the issue of effective storytelling.
    • By telling strong stories focusing on the things clients value most, we are able to capture the attention of site visitors.
    • By leveraging interactive elements within the site design, we are able to showcase large sections of text copy in bite-size pieces, easily digested, and mobile touchscreen friendly.

While all projects and clients are unique with each receiving the level of scrutiny and attention to detail they deserve, many are rooted in a similar foundation that has been described above.  MJGuilfoyle specializes in creating comprehensive Internet strategies, each uniquely crafted to support client business models and budgets.  Contact a member of our team to begin creating your unique Internet Technology Plan today.





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