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MJGuilfoyle, a Portland, Oregon-based strategic web agency, recently released ppdbuild.com, a strategically-engineered WordPress website that was brought to market on an exceptionally quick project timeline, at an affordable budget, and with an undeniable level of professionalism required to function as the digital face to the world for a young brand with objectives as progressive and refined as those sought by PPD Interiors Corporation.

With goals of leveraging the Internet to help the organization acquire new business, create momentum, and achieve early success, PPD Interiors Corporation contacted MJGuilfoyle to create a digital strategy intended to uniquely support the organization during a startup phase.

PPD Interiors Corporation is a full-service general contractor serving Chicago and the surrounding suburbs. The company was built on a philosophy that prioritizes recruiting the strongest construction service professionals who hold themselves to the highest standards, operating with integrity above all else.  The process-driven approach of PPD Interiors Corporation has proven to produce top-quality projects delivered on-time and under budget while exceeding client expectations on all fronts.  In the highly-fragmented general contractor market, these ideals are differentiating for the business, and the primary message that must be conveyed to current and potential customers through any marketing efforts, digital or otherwise.

Serving as a solid foundation  MJGuilfoyle worked in close collaboration with key stakeholders of PPD Interiors Corporation to strategically engineer an Internet Technology Plan, aligning the business with key Internet technologies to forge a critical path forward during this period of brand infancy.

Serving as a granite foundation to support additional, aligned, Internet technology-related initiatives, the leading edge of the Internet Technology Plan for PPD includes a polished, professional, marketing-centric website designed in ways intended to establish instant credibility with first-time website visitors by appropriately representing the ideals and aspirations of the PPD Interiors brand.  Wait, did I mention we delivered this on a three week project timeline because the client was actively working to close major deals?  We nailed it.

When browsing the ppdbuild.com site, you’ll notice a strong presentation of PPD Interiors ‘Why’ statements (People, Process, Delivery), an ‘Our Purpose’ statement located on the footer to follow the visitor through all pages of the site, and the use of striking professional imagery to instantly connect with audiences.  Much can be achieved through simplicity in design aesthetic, and ppdbuild.com is an excellent representation of this often under-utilized design technique.

Additional strategic achievements of this project include:

  • WordPress CMS
    • With more than 60 million active websites utilizing WordPress today, PPD Interiors can rest assured their investment in technology will have longevity.
    • The enormous, active WordPress community presents value in numerous ways including the availability of fully-functional, free tools like plugins and themes, as well as access to a broad and deep developer network if they would ever choose to work with someone other than our agency (which we hope they never do!).
    • A professional WordPress theme featuring responsive design functionality was used as a base for this project to speed time to market and lower project costs.  Why spend money to recreate the wheel?
    • Learn more about the value of the WordPress content management system (CMS), here.
  • Simple, Actionable Opportunities to Connect
    • Highly visible, strategically located ‘Contact Us’ buttons are presented throughout the site.
    • Clickable email and phone contact links provide simple, valuable usability benefits at all viewing sizes.
    • Social connectors, mid-page as well as footer locations, ensure clients and potential clients recognize the availability of PPD Interiors online communities, and feel welcome to join.
  • World-Class Mobile Presentation
    • Responsive design, especially within the ppdbuild.com design layout, offers a truly optimized user experience regardless of viewing device.
    • Mobile navigation ‘hamburger menu’ is push-friendly, appropriately sized for a human fingertip.
    • Each section of the homepage features a call-to-action of some type, ensuring a vertical presentation that requires scrolling (ex:  smartphone) provides the site visitor opportunities to connect whenever they may choose to, without requiring they scroll up, or down to find that ‘darn phone number, email, or contact button’.
  • Authenticity and Storytelling
    • As a major differentiator for the business, original copy was created supporting PPD Interiors mission, purpose, and ideals.  We worked together to focus on the ‘Why’ of PPD Interiors Corporation, and came up with some really great stuff.
    • An appropriate balance of professional stock imagery and actual photos of various team members is featured to provide a well-rounded presentation.
    • The homepage features company Why statements ‘The PPD Difference’, Who We Are, and Our Values sections…it doesn’t get more authentic than that!

While all projects and clients are unique with each receiving the level of scrutiny and attention to detail they deserve, many are rooted in a similar foundation that has been described above.  MJGuilfoyle specializes in creating comprehensive digital strategies, each uniquely crafted to support client business models and budgets.  Contact a member of our team to begin creating your unique Internet Technology Plan today.

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