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We are extremely pleased to announce the recent launch of bierlyandrabuck.com, a strategically-engineered WordPress website created in close collaboration with our clients, attorneys Denise Bierly and Bobbie Rabuck from the law offices of Bierly & Rabuck.

With goals of harnessing the Internet to help their new partnership, Denise and Bobbie contacted MJGuilfoyle to devise a unique digital strategy aligned to support the values and purpose of the practice.

Bierly & Rabuck is a Pennsylvania-based law practice comprised of nationally recognized attorneys with decades of legal experience who have distinguished themselves in the ares of adoption, gestational surrogacy, guardianship, and child advocacy.  Concepts of community, warmth, and professional credibility were paramount design considerations, as Denise and Bobbie are passionate advocates of the children and families they serve.  We needed to find ways to truly connect with site visitors through shared sentiments of child advocacy and family dreams.

As the bedrock of the newly-formed Internet Technology Plan, a world-class website was required to serve as the foundation from which to launch additional, supportive Internet strategies.  These vital, ongoing, supporting activities, such as blogging and social media management, are strategically included within the Bierly & Rabuck Internet Technology Plan as key initiatives to generate valuable, original content, establishing their voice as experts, cultivating online communities that will help the practice better serve and connect with clients and prospects online.

Additional strategic achievements of this project include:

  • WordPress CMS
    • Because the WordPress content management system is extremely user-friendly, Denise, Bobbie and their team are equipped to manage and maintain website content within the beautiful, intuitive design layout we’ve created.
    • By equipping non-technical business users with the ability to edit website content, we’ve set a plan in motion that ensures the language of the site is always current, relevant, and aligned to the evolving practice.  What good is a website if the language isn’t aligned to the business?
    • Learn more about the many strategic benefits of WordPress, here.
  • Effective Storytelling
    • Connecting with site visitors begins with effective storytelling.
    • Concepts of child welfare and the prosperity of families is paramount to the daily activities of Bierly & Rabuck.  This shared connection must be established between the site and visitor.
    • Inspiring imagery, language, and presentation methods are used together in collaboration to form a stronger bond with site visitors.
  • Responsive Design
    • First impressions matter.  If a website isn’t a joy to use, people won’t use it, and those folks will actively choose to avoid the site in the future.
    • You’ll notice bierlyandrabuck.com displays differently when viewed from a full-size display, tablet, or smartphone.  This is because the layout features a responsive design, presenting content in an optimized fashion for all site visitors regardless of viewing device.
    • The value of investing in responsive design will pay greater dividends over time as data shows more than 30% of global Internet traffic comes from mobile devices, a trend that will continue to climb well into the future.
  • Visitor Self-Segmentation
    • Interested site visitors will have a general idea of their path for discovery once they reach this website.
    • By offering highly visible, actionable paths (by Practice Area), we empower site visitors to research and consume content in an intuitive manner.
    • Empowering site visitors to uncover this information on their own also offers efficiency gains in operations for the Bierly & Rabuck team.
  • Consistent, Non-Invasive Opportunities to Connect
    • Highly identifiable call-to-action buttons are offered to present clear, actionable choices to website visitors.
    • Social connectors are visible in a muted fashion in various locations, so site visitors can choose to visit, browse, and connect with the practice in new ways.
    • Webforms supporting client onboarding, per Practice Area, are connected to a simple customer relationship management (CRM) solution, easing the administration strain of managing client relationships.
    • Clickable email and phone numbers are present throughout the site.  Why is this important?  Many reasons, but consider clickable phone numbers for mobile…isn’t it great to offer your mobile website visitors the ability to press-to-dial your office at various locations within the design layout?

While all projects and clients are unique with each receiving the level of scrutiny and attention to detail they deserve, many are rooted in a similar foundation that has been described above.  MJGuilfoyle specializes in creating comprehensive digital strategies, each uniquely crafted to support client business models and budgets.  Contact a member of our team to begin creating your unique Internet Technology Plan today.

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