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WPtheme-OneUp-LogoShieldWhen most business owners think about using the Internet to help their bottom line, they generally focus on search engine optimization – being discovered through major online search engines like Google, Bing, and Yahoo.  Since the advent of Google in 1998, and continuing well into the modern days of the maturing Internet we enjoy today, developers have been able to use various tactics such as back-end programming techniques to ‘trick’ major search engines into ranking their website higher than a competitor’s.  For years, even continuing today, developers and agencies have made a fortune selling traditional ‘SEO Optimization’ offerings to customers, but the effectiveness of their solutions have experienced sharp decline.

Why the decline?  Great question.

The world of online search has long been dominated by Google, and the industry pioneer reported having 67.5% global market share in April, 2014.  This means that when Google makes a change to the way their search engine algorithm functions, everyone should pay attention.

Since the release of Google’s Hummingbird algorithm in August of 2013, and continuing with the Panda and Pigeon updates of 2014, modern online search mechanics have changed significantly in ways that require action if businesses hope to establish, retain, or improve the Google PageRank of their company website.  467px-Google_logoAs Google continually reshapes the online search landscape, they are innovating in ways that are intended to support a better overall Internet by benefiting those who regularly manage, maintain, and post new content to properly engineered websites.  Now, I don’t know about you, but I think this is great news since I prefer the best websites and most accurate items are featured highest within results when I research using the web.

To have success in today’s ultra-competitive world of online search, you must start by having a strategically engineered website designed with modern search mechanics in mind.  Pair this with a simple content creation strategy to grow the site over time, and leverage blogging, as well as online social media channels, to help stake your claim in cyberspace.

MJGuilfoyle LLC is a Portland, Oregon-based strategic web agency specializing in WordPress website development and online presence management services for small businesses.  If you are someone managing a dated website, or if you currently pay someone to perform traditional SEO services, please contact an MJGuilfoyle Technology Strategist today to review the online health of your brand.



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